Clichéd Old Sayings, Updated for the Modern Age

Clichéd Old Sayings, Updated for the Modern Age

The problem with all the hackneyed old sayings we all insist on using is just that: they’re old. They refer to things that are dead or dying. But hey, here’s a handy list of old clichéd sayings, updated for the modern world.

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FAA approves first drones for commercial operations in US airspace

FAA approves commercial surveillance UAVs, sows seeds of Judgment Day

Insitu’s Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment’s Puma (above) are the first UAVs to snag FAA approval for commercial operations, and they’re set to take to the skies later this summer. Prior to this, the only way the private sector could fly an unmanned vessel in US airspace was with an experimental airworthiness certification — and that cert prohibits business activities. It’s worth noting that these craft weigh less than 55 pounds and measure four and a half feet long; they aren’t Predator drones, by any mea ns.

Come August, a “major energy company” will use the X200 to patrol the Alaskan coast, keeping an eye on ice floes and migrating whales where the firm is doing petroleum exploration. Plans for the Puma sound slightly more action-packed, as it’s expected to support


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