​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better

​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better

This is it. Apple just announced the iPhone 6, a sleek sliver of aluminum that comes in two sizes. The screen on the smaller of the two measures 4.7-inches diagonally, and depending on the nature of your needs (and the size of your hands) it might just be the perfect phone for you.


The iPhone 6 is pretty. The device sheds the boxy profile of its predecessor in favor of rounded edges. It’s also significantly thinner than any other iPhone—6.9mm thick for the model with the 4.7″-inch screen! The iPhone 5’s combination of anodized aluminum and glass panels has been replaced with an all anodized aluminum case with ion-strengthened glass that curves around the front. The overall effect brings the iPhone 6 design in line with that of the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Like the iPad, the new iPhone also features an embedded Apple logo in the back case. It is pretty no matter which way you look at it.

​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better


The new iPhone lineup also features a new generation of displays that Apple’s calling Retina HD. That means 38-percent more pixels are being packed into the 4.7-inch screen. Bigger screen and more pixels means the picture is sure to be beautiful. Other upgrades include an improved polarizer and an ultrathin backlight.

​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better


As expected, the brand new iPhone also comes with a brand new A8 chip. The company claims that it’s 50 percent faster than the A7 chip.

via Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com


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